The Drum School LA 

The Drum School provides clear and concise instruction to musicians who seek a greater understanding of rhythm and the ability to perform accurately within tempo.

​From beginners to professionals, our private lessons give the expertise and encouragement to take ones performance to the next level.

​Studies for developing technique (dexterity, coordination, independence of limbs, etc.) are prioritized under our emphasis on timekeeping.

Our exclusive balance of academic and applicative training is derived…

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Continual Evolution

"I was sitting in my studio one night and thought, why not write a whole album of action music revolving around Evan Ryan on drums? So I did."

David Edward Holden 

Film Composer 


"He's the type of person with an abundance of enthusiasm and love for music that gives him an extraordinary drive to go that extra step".

Paul Wertico



"I hope that we will work together again, let me change that to, I KNOW we will work together again."

Rick Baptist

Session Great  

So many ways to connect!

The Drum School Los Angeles