Evan is hands down the best drummer that I have worked with in 13 years of working with the Disney college band. His ability to not only keep great time, but, his ability to make the band swing on new charts that they have never seen before. I love his enthusiasm and time feel. I hope that we will work together again, let me change that to, I KNOW we will work together again.  I know he will make it. 

Session Great,

Rick Baptist 


  I've had the great pleasure of being Evan Ryan's drumset instructor at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.  During that time, I found him to be an extremely gifted and dedicated student.  In addition to his innate musical talent, Evan truly enjoys the process of learning and practicing new things and this gives him the ability and advantage to make any musical challenges to him seem like fun.  Even more than that, he's the type of person with an abundance of enthusiasm and love for music that give him an extraordinary drive to "go that extra step".  He constantly shows his support for others by attending events outside of what is required at school and this is something that is truly impressive.  I feel Evan has a wonderful future in music ahead of him and he will indeed make a valuable contribution to any endeavor he undertakes.

7 Time Grammy Winner,

 Paul Wertico - Drummer/Educator 



  I have worked with Evan Ryan for over eight years and have witnessed this young man grow into both a mature and excellent musician.  I have not witnessed this type of growth outside of truly talented and dedicated musicians.  As a big band drummer, I feel that Evan has the tools, conceptual approach and time feel to play with any big band/rehearsal band.  His approach to nuance and technique are his strong points.  He simply has the ability to play in any style, in any genre he decides to set his mind on.  There is no question in my mind that he will succeed as a drummer if he continues his study towards this goal.

Rob Parton - Trumpeter/Educator


I met Evan Ryan when I was a guest artist a two-day clinic/concert with 2006 Disney All-American College Band.  Although we only had two rehearsals and one concert together, I realized immediately that Evan was fully capable of performing in a wide range of styles with a very good feel, consistent time and excellent dynamic range. He was quick to make musical adjustments, read very well and was comfortable in a wide variety of styles. What stands out most was how open and flexible he was to any musical suggestions I made. He also played a very imaginative and technically impressive solo on our closing tune. I could also tell that Evan is enthusiastically committed to growing as a musician. He will no doubt continue following this path with every professional opportunity that comes his way.

Alex Iles - Trombonist/educator

California Institute of the Arts, California State University, Northridge


It's with much pleasure to say I've worked with the talents of drummer Evan Ryan. His understanding of all musical styles makes him a valuable musician in any setting. Evan is equally comfortable in a small group setting as well as large big bands. His musical interests span the range of avant-garde jazz to hard-hitting contemporary funk. With a deep desire to providing the "pocket", Evan will be an asset to any ensemble by providing musical interest as well as a steady groove. I look forward to working with Evan in the near future. 

Dan Higgins - Saxophonist, Los Angeles





Continual Evolution

"I was sitting in my studio one night and thought, why not write a whole album of action music revolving around Evan Ryan on drums? So I did."

David Edward Holden 

Film Composer 


"He's the type of person with an abundance of enthusiasm and love for music that gives him an extraordinary drive to go that extra step".

Paul Wertico



"I hope that we will work together again, let me change that to, I KNOW we will work together again."

Rick Baptist

Session Great  

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