Musician. Producer . Educator .

There is something restless that resides at Evan Ryan's core. An energy that resists stagnation, and compels him to advance his understanding of the drums and their capacity in the greater musical dimension. It is a hunger for the new, a respect for the old, and a love for the now. The canvass of music is ever changing and evolving, and drums are so often treated as a primer but to be painted over and marginalized. But although based on fundamentals, discipline, technique and craft, the differing of Evan Ryan from the average drummer is that he perceives and embodies drumming as an art unto itself.

Continual Evolution

"I was sitting in my studio one night and thought, why not write a whole album of action music revolving around Evan Ryan on drums? So I did."

David Edward Holden 

Film Composer 


"He's the type of person with an abundance of enthusiasm and love for music that gives him an extraordinary drive to go that extra step".

Paul Wertico



"I hope that we will work together again, let me change that to, I KNOW we will work together again."

Rick Baptist

Session Great  

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