Evan A. Ryan

The Drum School LA


The Drum School provides clear and concise instruction to musicians who seek a greater understanding of rhythm and the ability to perform accurately within tempo.

​From beginners to professionals, our private lessons give the expertise and encouragement to take ones performance to the next level.

​Studies for developing technique (dexterity, coordination, independence of limbs, etc.) are prioritized under our emphasis on timekeeping.

Our exclusive balance of academic and applicative training is derived from an appreciation of a broad range of methods and techniques, including American University standards, Latin American and West African teachings.



Drum Set, Snare, Mallets, Hand Drums, and Auxiliary Percussion

We provide training for instrumentalists and vocalists seeking to enhance their ability to:

•Comprehend Rhythm

•Subdivide Tempo

•Keep Tempo

•Read and Write Music

•Improvise freely

•Record and Perform

Upon a brief assessment of each players current skill level, a custom routine of exercises is assigned for daily practice. Students are required to keep a practice journal for lesson plans and logging practice hours. Training with a metronome for mastery of each exercise and musical application is mandatory.




Lessons with Evan Ryan 

1 Hour Blocks 

             One Off                     $70.00               
            Monthly Block (4)       $270.00            
Trimester Block (12)   $777.00

45 Minute Blocks

              One Off                     $55.00               
            Monthly Block (4)       $210.00            
Trimester Block (12)   $640.00 

1/2 Hour Blocks

One Off                     $40.00
Monthly Block (4)       $155.00
Trimester Block (12)   $450.00
Please Contact for visits outside the city
24 hour Cancellation required  
Group Lessons (2+) Available starting at $25.00 a half hour


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